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On both textile and paper

Hi cutie!

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I am Aya, Black Canvas mascot, we will meet many times! :)

Black Canvas Art Studio is a place where magical illustrations are made, and you can get them as products.

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We have prepared a special discount for all of you🥳.

We have some items in stock and we thought of giving a discount to those. Right now there is a Products on sale section where you can find all the products that are on sale.

You will be able to find and select only those products that are on sale. For example, if you want to buy a T-shirt, when you select the color and size, only the ones we have in stock will appear. When the ones on sale are sold out, we will put the full range back in the shop.

Until then, if you want to buy any of those items, like Grumpy Vampire T-shirt in size 3XL and in black that you can't choose right now, please contact us and we will make your order possible🤗.

The other good thing with these products is that because they are in stock, you don't have to wait 2 weeks or more to get them because the production time of one week is out! Sounds great right?

Check out what we offer and choose the one you like best!