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Black Canvas Art Studio is a place where magical illustrations are made and you can get them as different products.

The magic is performed by two coffee-loving crazy owls, an anime-loving artist owl, Syxtin (Tin), and his super sidekick, the IT owl, Istvan (Rin).

Read our story and take a step closer to our world.

Narrator: Syxtin

Black Canvas

origin of the name

Back in my university days, I wondered what name I would use if I ever had my own business. I started researching who was using what name. The common name usage was first name + art/illustrator. Based on that, mine would be Syxtin's art. Although my name is unique in itself so it would make me stand out from the crowd, it wasn't enough for me, I wanted something more creative.

We know that paper and canvas are white, and we paint and draw on them with all kinds of colours. Did you know that if you mix all the colours together you get black? Which is not a colour, but still the most colourful? If a graphic or an illustration or a painting doesn't look good in black and white, it won't look good in colour. That's why painters and draughtsmen sketch in graphite first, i.e. they work out their ideas in black and white, and only then do they go deeper into colour. White and black are perhaps the most important 'colours' in design, as they are integral to the expression of light and shadow. I was playing with these two words and white makes me think of canvas , and it also sounds better when combined with black. So that's how I got the name Black Canvas. I fell in love with it. :) Everything I want to show the world is there in 2 words. The most colourful canvas!

Black Canvas Art Studio


I have been drawing since I can remember. As a child, everything was my canvas, whether it was a blank wall, a book or a colouring book. I love a challenge so it's no surprise that I studied in the creative world and earned a degree in visual arts, or illustration and graphic design. It was then that I realised how true the saying is that when you get out into the real world you really start to gain experience and knowledge. My drawing style has been greatly influenced by the world of Anime and the great painters of old like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, etc. An artist's development never stops! I learn new things every day and I am constantly improving myself to create more and more fabulous illustrations. I never get bored!

2017 is the year when it all started! Before that, I never thought that anyone could enjoy seeing what I create week after week. My partner thought otherwise! With his support I started sharing my creations with the world at large under the artist name Black Canvas. I was surprised how many people liked it so I slowly expanded my social media pages and shared my illustrations in more and more places.

Over the years, we both felt that creativity was coming closer to us, not further away, and we both felt a growing desire to bring something unique and special to the world.

So we dreamed of starting a family business where creativity never fades, where we can always give people something new and useful.

Our small business started its journey in March 2022, and since then we've been working to make everyday life as magical as possible.