Lucky Bag

Lucky Bag, because we've got something clever planned for all you mystery lovers!

We have selected the following products for each bag:

A unique print in A5, A6 or cube size. The cubes are either 15x15cm or some are 12x12cm. And if you are very lucky you may have not one but 2 illustration prints. Besides that you will find a bookmark or giant sticker and several smaller stickers between 3-10 pieces, roughly.

We've chosen the illustrations on the themes thematically, so if you look around the Shop you can guess what's in which one and then let us know after you've opened the bag of cats if you guessed right :D

The themes are Rainbow for the pink pack, Sunshine for the yellow pack and Dark Angel for the black or green pack.

Which one do you choose?

The real value of the package would be around 3500 to 4500  huf :)


Manufacturing and Delivery information

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2,600 Ft